iMessage FAQ for iOS5

iMessage FAQ

Judging by the amount of tweets I’ve replied to over the last 24 hours about iMessage people really don’t understand how it works. So here’s a quick FAQ I’ve put together to try and help people understand it more. I will be adding to this over time and really hope it helps people out. If you have any questions you’d like to see answered then please send me a tweet @vultuk or send an imessage to [email protected]

Q. Where is the iMessage app? Do I have to download it?
A. The iMessage system is built into the “Messages” app that you use to send and receive Text Messages and MMS messages. For iPod and iPad users you will now have a brand new “Messages” app icon on your screen. No downloads are required at at all, it all “Just Works.”

Q. What’s my iMessage contact details?
A. Your iMessage contact details is, if you are an iPhone user, your telephone number. if you are using an iPad or iPad (or you don’t want to give out your mobile number) you can give out your registered e-mail address. By default this will normally be the e-mail address that you use to purchase things off iTunes / App store. You can find this address and even register a new one to use by going to Settings App -> Messages and then tap “Receive At” the addresses people can contact you on are shown on that page.

Q. Can i use my other e-mail address like my gmail or hotmail account?
A. You can, to do this you need to go to Settings App -> Messages then tap “Receive at” then click “Add Another Email…” once you have added and verified this address (by clicking a link in your email account) you will then be able to send and receive messages at this address.

Q. How does someone send an iMessage to an iPhone from an iPod / iPad?
A. They simply need to load the messages app and compose a new message. In the To: field they will put the mobile number of the iPhone. This message will be delivered to the iPhone as an iMessage. The iPhone user will then be able to reply to the message and it will be delivered back to the iPod / iPad.

Q. How does someone send an iMessage to an iPod / iPad from an iPhone?
A. The iPhone user will need to know the e-mail address registered to that iPod / iPad. Once the iPhone user knows this they can simply compose a new message in the Messages app and place the e-mail address in the To: field. The message will be sent to the iPod / iPad and that user can reply.

Q. How do I add people to iMessage?
A. iMessage doesn’t work like BBM, whatsapp, ping! or other such messaging software. You don’t need to add people specifically. As long as you have their telephone number or iMessage address you will be able to send them iMessages. Of course you can add peoples details into your standard Contacts list to make this process much simpler.

Q. How do I know if I’m using iMessage?
A. When you are composing a message to someone that is using iOS5 and has iMessage turned on the send button will turn Blue this message will be free and will not use the normal text messaging service. When you are sending a message to someone as a Text Message or MMS the send button will turn Green this message will not be free and will come off your text allowance / credit / cost you.

Q. Will iMessages come out of my text allowance or Data allowance?
A. If you are not connected to a WiFi network iMessages will be sent through the internet thus using your Data Allowance. You will not be charged for a text message by sending an iMessage. iMessages are very small in data size however so most people should not see an issue with their data allowance by using this service. If you are worried by your data allowance then consider switching mobile networks. I personally recommend Giff Gaff that give unlimited data for only

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