Blackpool Air Show 2012

This weekend I took a trip down to Blackpool Prom (via a long bike ride to the airport) to watch the Blackpool air show. I took my camera along with me and snapped off a few shots. These were all uploaded to my Flickr account so here they are for your viewing pleasure! :)

The show featured the following…

  • RAF Typhoon
  • SWIP Team
  • Breitling Wing Walkers
  • Extra EA300
  • RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team
  • Gyrocopter
  • RAF Tucano
  • Spitfire
  • RV8ors

Dark Legacy Comics App – Version 2.0.0

In February 2010 I launched the Dark Legacy Comics App into the iTunes App Store. Over 2 years and 12,000 downloads have now passed and it was time for an update!

Today a new and improved App has now been accepted to the app store and available for download / update! It has been completely re-written from scratch and now features a much better interface and (even more importantly) is full compatible with the iPad!

Get it NOW from the app store!

iMessage FAQ for iOS5

iMessage FAQ

Judging by the amount of tweets I’ve replied to over the last 24 hours about iMessage people really don’t understand how it works. So here’s a quick FAQ I’ve put together to try and help people understand it more. I will be adding to this over time and really hope it helps people out. If you have any questions you’d like to see answered then please send me a tweet @vultuk or send an imessage to [email protected]

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Song-A-Day, Day 6 : Sweat – Snoop Dogg & David Guetta

Song-A-Day, Day 5 : Where the boat leaves from – Zac Brown Band

Song-A-Day, Day 4 : Jumper – Ben and Joe Broughton

Song-A-Day, Day 3 : Somethin’ in the Water – The Cheap Seats

Song-A-Day, Day 2 : Slip, Jigs and Reels – Steve Tilson

Song-A-Day, Day 1 : I’ve Just Seen A Face – Beatles Cover

Yuto Fest 2011

There is a charity festival this saturday in Fleetwood (Lancashire, England) in aid of a VERY GOOD cause. First of all, here’s some information about the cause…

Little Yuto Rice’s family treasure every second with him For the adorable two-year-old has a critical heart condition which means he is unlikely to survive past his teens. Yuto has spent the last couple of years in and out of hospital as doctors tried to discover what was causing his breathlessness.

They finally diagnosed him with restrictive cardiomyothopy, which means he is at risk of heart failure.As Yuto’s body is too weak to undergo a heart transplant, his devastated parents – Daz and Maki Rice – have come to live with the tragic reality that every day they spend with him could be his last.

His father, Daz Rice, who runs Dazamakiz Music Shop on North Drive in Cleveleys, said: “He’s a little flame in our hearts. We just want to try to keep him as bright as possible for as long as possible. It’s inevitable he’s going to die from this. It could happen in two days, two weeks or years. “He gets very breathless. He can’t walk, he can’t find the breath. He’s very restricted in any movement. The doctors can’t see him going past his teenage years so everyday is a bonus to us.”The condition is said to be hereditary but Yuto’s relatives – including brothers Neo, 10, and Mario, six – have been tested and the results came back clear.

Yuto takes daily medication to try and stabilise his condition and give him the best quality of life he can have and now, after hearing about the little boy’s situation, his local councillor, Coun Andrea Kay, has decided to organise a massive fundraising event to give the tot a holiday of a lifetime and build a room downstairs in their house to accommodate Yuto’s needs.

Coun Kay is planning to hold the Yuto Fest at the Marine Hall in Fleetwood on Saturday July 9. Local bands are being invited to play during the day and wristbands for the event will be sold at

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